The Finwise Woman series – In celebration of International Women’s day – 5

Our fifth Finwise Woman is a someone who has lived life on her terms, and built financial security for herself through sheer perseverance. Kavita Krishnamurthy is a successful executive, working as a General Manager in a logistics firm, and a mother of one.

Kavita says,

“As a senior executive, and parallelly an independent mother, I have learnt to be cognizant of managing my funds well and conserving my resources optimally. Without any such backing and support for my future, some far sight and advice taught me well to keep my future secure and dependable.

Financial awareness and the right investments have been largely catalytic in helping me manifest these goals. It is indeed a matter of pride to reflect upon how far I have come in life thanks to my prudence and ability to take anything thrown at me and make something worthwhile out of it.

Being on top of your finances is not a choice, it is a compulsion, especially so for us women!”

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