Saving for kids’ goals, no child’s play!

Saving for kids’ goals, no child’s play!

For a parent, if there is one thing that is paramount in her life and gives her the utmost happiness, it is ensuring that her children are given every opportunity to blossom into well rounded human beings, confident and capable of taking on the world. Sadly, there is usually a gap between desire and action, and most parents wake up to the task of planning for their children’s basic and higher education when there is not much time left.


Schools don’t prepare the children to handle finances and most families do not discuss money matters with their children, even in tehir teens. As a result, in many cases, they grow up with a large sense of entitlement, never realising the effort, planning and sacrifices which went into building enough wealth to fulfil their dreams.


So, apart from investing mindfully for them , it is a great idea to involve your children early in the personal finance journey. When we interact with customers, we often see how one could have benefitted by avoiding a few traps or being more conscious of the decisions made and we enumerate them here.


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