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What is Finwise?

Finwise Personal Finance Solutions is a fee based financial planning company based in Mumbai, India. Finwise is the brain child of founder Prathiba Girish, who set aside a lucrative career to fulfill her dream of helping Indian families achieve Financial Independence.


How can Finwise help you?

If you are not looking at engaging a financial planner

If you are looking at making your own financial plan and you have the time, requisite knowledge and the focus to do it yourself, Finwise can send you regular articles of interest on personal finance (usually restricted to one per week). Register here to receive them.

If you have a self made financial plan, but would like a second opinion

If you have made your own plan and are implementing it but would like to seek an independent and objective view, you could consult with us on a one time basis. This can be carried out as per your specific requirement. Contact us here for the same.

You would like to plan for one or two goals only

We offer goal based financial planning where we will work with you on specific goals and suggest ways in which you can achieve them. Click here for the same.

You want a comprehensive financial plan

We understand your goals and aspirations and make a detailed plan for you aligning your financial decisions to your goals. The plan is then reviewed 3 times a year, changes in circumstances are taken into account and the plan is tweaked accordingly. Importantly, apart from making a plan and helping you implement it, our intent is to build your awareness of financial choices and the consequences as a result of these choices. To know more, Click here.


How is Finwise different?

At Finwise our only interest will be to take care of your best interests, and every conversation we have and recommendation we make will reflect that! We do not work with a one size fits all policy and spend a lot of time with you to understand your requirements, preferences and risk taking ability before we suggest any solution. We limit the number of new customers we take in on a monthly basis to ensure we give you the personal time and attention you deserve. Our endeavor is to customize our offerings to suit your needs in a simple, transparent and ethical way. If you are looking for a financial planner who places you above all else, you are at the right place.


CSR Initiatives

Financial wellness workshops

As part of our CSR initiatives we undertake free workshops for graduate and post graduate students on personal finance. These workshops are typically for half a day and aim to educate students and equip them with the necessary knowledge to start their financial journey in a well informed and planned manner.

One Free Financial Plan a month

As a company policy, we offer one free financial plan a month to a person with a gross family income lower than 8 lakhs a year as a pro bono service. We charge a nominal sum of Rs. 1000/- which will be returned to the customer once he/ she implements our plan for 6 months. The refundable fee is charged purely to discourage people who are not serious about financial planning from availing of this service in lieu of others who actually need it and recognize the need for the same.


The Face behind Finwise

Prathiba Girish is the founder of Finwise Personal Finance Solutions. She is a CFP working with salaried individuals helping them achieve their financial goals and manage their personal wealth.

Prathiba Girish is a CFPCM (Certified Financial Planner). She also has to her credit a PGDM from Symbiosis with specialization in Marketing and B.Sc. Mathematics.

Her reasons for starting Finwise

Prior to starting Finwise Personal Finance Solutions, Prathiba has close to 15 years of corporate experience working in leading companies like Vodafone, Matrix Cellular, BPL Mobile and Blow Plast.

During her long corporate stints, she observed how corporate executives were so caught up in building their careers that they did not focus on ensuring that their savings were being deployed smartly enough. ie. while most people spent adequate time achieving their professional goals, the reason for it all – achieving personal goals of financial wealth and well being were being compromised. One key reason for this was the inadequate levels of financial literacy and the lack of understanding about its importance.

She therefore decided to set up a personal financial health advisory and solutions firm, with the objective of making people financially wise and financially healthy. Hence the name “Finwise”, which denotes “A state of financial self-awareness and freedom”.

Becoming “Finwise” is about becoming financially literate, and then making conscious, long term financial choices which take you towards financial well being and freedom. As you would realize, achieving financial well being in today’s real world is a necessary and critical step towards achieving overall well being in your life.

Her goal is to impart the right advice and solutions to her customers, in the process financially empowering them, and being a partner and coach to them on their journey to achieving financial well being.

Her dream is to make financial freedom a reality through literacy, planning and execution, thereby allowing individuals and families to live their life well in the present and enjoy their well earned success while being adequately prepared for any eventuality that life may throw at them.


Girish Ganaraj

Girish Ganaraj is the co-founder of Finwise Personal Finance Solutions. Girish has over 22 years of experience in the private sector, having been in leadership roles in Sales, Marketing, Product Development and Customer Experience & Operations, in leading organizations like Vodafone, HDFC Standard Life Insurance and Blow Plast Limited. He last worked with Vodafone as Vice President and National Head – Customer Care (Contact Centre) Operations. He is a subject matter expert in the Customer Experience & Operations domain, which is now gaining centre-stage in India as a key lever to business success, and has worked on and led multiple programs in this domain in the last few years.


After a successful corporate stint, he has now embarked on the next stage of his professional life by taking the entrepreneurial plunge and partnering with his spouse to take their successful financial planning advisory and solutions practice to the next level.


Girish is a mechanical engineer from VJTI, Mumbai and has a PGDM from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow. Being a firm believer in the modified maxim “Health is wealth and good health is priceless”, his mantra for staying healthy and fit is long-distance running and till date has run 15 half marathons and 3 full marathons.


Girish is passionate about financial emancipation and independence and while not busy at Finwise, he catches up on his financial planning and investing related reading. He likes to be an informed investor as well as a practitioner and therefore over the last many years, has put his acquired knowledge into practice by having nearly half his corpus in self-managed investments. This also helps him not only give but also demonstrate to Finwise customers the confidence that as long as the investment goal and horizon is clear, one must not fear entering the markets.

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