The Finwise Woman series – In celebration of International Women’s Day – 4

Our next story is about another doctor, a scientist from the reputed Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, Omshree Shetty.

Dr. Omshree says,

“Come to think of it, how many women have access to top class education and circumstances conducive to building a career? Given the opportunity it is important to make the most of it and build a strong and independent financial base. It is a non-negotiable step to be able to have choices in life and exercise them.

Being a professional myself, I am a strong advocate of seeking professional help in areas outside one’s expertise to help one live a fulfilling life.In this era of women empowerment, the true sense of independence that women can enjoy is financial independence and that can be accomplished with careful planning and smart investment. So be wise, invest smartly and live with peace of mind and happiness.”

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