The Finwise Woman series – In celebration of International Women’s Day – 6

Our next Finwise Woman is Mandira Chowdhury, a retired Govt. employee who takes pride in being in charge of her own financial affairs, while pursuing her joys – her grandson and classical music.

She says,

“As a working woman, (in those days, it was not as common as it is today), I always had exposure and enough interest to understand finance and various options available to me.

Added to this, I was married into a progressive family with a strong mother-in-law. I was always aware of our investments and was part of healthy discussions regarding it.

 Therefore, when I lost my husband a few years back, I knew where to pick up the threads. While it is a blessing to have a concerned and affectionate family, consisting of my daughter and son-in-law, I take great pride in having the last say in managing my money while recognising the need for impartial and trustworthy professional advice. Prathiba has very ably and patiently helped me in my journey so far.One never knows what life has in store for us, best to wake up and take charge of your financial life now!”

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