The Finwise Woman series – In celebration of International Women’s Day – 3

Today’s first Finwise Woman story is about another strong woman, who, in an era of male dominance, has been an inspiration for many other women. She is Dr. Neela Dabir, Dean, School of Vocational Education at the internationally reputed Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

Incidentally, while her spouse is a very successful surgeon in his own right, she is usually the one involved in the finer details of their personal wealth.

Dr. Neela says

“I have always been interested in money matters, and I go the extra mile to keep myself updated with the latest information and trends. In fact, my CA appreciates that I understand the financial matters for both of us. Being on top of things and constantly monitoring the how and why are important to me and give me a lot of peace. 

I truly believe that it’s important for financial decisions to be joint, failing which, one must at least be informed of where the money is being spent or invested. Every one learns to cope when forced to, but doing so voluntarily can take away a lot of unwanted stress and mistakes when you can least afford it.It is equally important to hire the right professional who places your interest on top and I have Prathiba and Finwise doing that for me by bringing all our finances together meaningfully and helping us live our dreams, while knowing that our financial future is being secured.”

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