The Finwise Woman series – In celebration of International Women’s Day – 2

The second person whose story we share today is Brindha Rao, a blogger and avid gardener. She says

“SAHM. The title I bestowed upon myself to raise my daughter. That does not mean I can’t understand or talk money. My husband has always made me an equal partner in all our financial decisions. And now Finwise has helped us plan our daughters education and hopefully our retirement. I know I am in safe hands with Prathiba’s judgement about our finances. The best that comes out of financial planning is that you get to live and spend at measure and without guilt. Thank you Finwise, I am a wiser and more financially sorted person now.” Feel free to share with other successful women that you know who you think are also financially savvy. #FinwiseWoman #WomensDay #financialindependence

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