The Finwise Woman series – In celebration of International Women’s Day – 1

In celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8, 2019), this week, we share stories of some successful women, who over the last few years, started their journey with Finwise and took charge of their financial lives to make it more secure for themselves and their families.

As one of them said, “In this era of women empowerment, the true sense of independence that women can enjoy is financial independence…”

We hope the stories of these women inspire you to take similar actions to free your and families’ financial futures.

The first woman whose story we share today is that of Priyanka Chaturvedi, a successful career professional in a senior role in KPMG India. Priyanka says,

As a working professional, mother-of-two, I am conscious that although I am financially independent for my needs, the prime ‘bread-winner’ of my home is my spouse.  Therefore, while my not being around (read ‘dead’ or ‘incapacitated’) may not have any financial impact on his life, reverse the story and I would be in the deep end of things!

Financial awareness, prudence and planning for myself and my children’s future thus is top priority, almost as important in my list as vaccinating my kids!!

Finwise helped us write our will which opened our eyes to the stark realities of life; we aren’t getting younger and responsibilities will increase in the years to come.

So, while you must enjoy the present and not get too bogged down by 5- or 10-year plans, do prepare for what lies ahead. Children’s education, retirement, major illnesses (God forbid), those world-trips that you want to take when the children fly the nest… A larger home… Everyone has their unique list!!

Prathiba is helping me plan my retirement way ahead of the ‘retiring’ age and that’s helping me sleep better… I am more relaxed now that some of life’s contingencies are planned for!!

Feel free to share with other successful women that you know who you think are also financially savvy. #FinwiseWoman #WomensDay #financialindependence

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