Why we rush to buy goods during a discount sale, but won’t lap-up stocks when markets crash

We are now deep into the festival season, and normally, it would be visible, through the familiar sights and sounds associated with it. This time around though, things are different.


But one thing hasn’t changed much and that is us waiting with bated breath for Sale Season. Offline or Online, there is something about Sales that get us going. We are inherently deal-seekers, and good deals get us all pumped up.


Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of our actions when it comes to our investments in the markets. The same shopper as investor feels more comfortable entering the financial markets when markets are at highs rather than at lows. And panics to sell assets at a loss when there is a market crash, rather than buying more.


Read on to know more in our latest article, published on Moneycontrol.





Image credit: Moneycontrol


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