How to be better prepared financially for the “wars” in your life

While we make extensive plans for most eventualities, something suddenly happens that takes us by surprise and throws all our plans haywire. Take the last 12 months itself as an example.

In a way, we live our lives largely assuming things are going to be peaceful and are usually well prepared for peace-time events. We do make our plans and are prepared for some surprises, but it is when “war-time” strikes our lives that we suddenly find ourselves head under water and gasping for breath.

Such times are also the best time for us to learn about our resilience, our capabilities, our strengths & weaknesses and give us the best clues about what to change about ourselves, hopefully before the next “war” hits.

So, what are some of the “war” situations that has struck your life and how prepared were you? And how can one be better financially prepared for when “wars” strike?

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