Find out how smart were your money decisions in the last 12 months

My recent article was about how just like we frequently do a stress test as part of our regular health check-ups, we also need to periodically “stress-test: our personal financial health to check preparedness for financial calamities.


While many of us thankfully may be financially secure and prepared for calamities, we nevertheless can still do better when it comes to taking money decisions. And there are enough practical life situations around us that we face (or observe) that we can learn from on how we can take our money decisions better.

While we might feel that we are good at taking money decisions, how good are we really? The best way to learn is from our own experiences and the last 12 months will have given you plenty of them to learn from! So, give this “practical exam” to learn how good you are with your money decisions.


Our latest article, published on Money9.

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