Why women must constantly reskill to deal with life’s googlies

If you are wondering what reskilling and upskilling has got to do with personal finance, think again. The best investment you can make is on yourself. Today it does not matter where you are – you could have achieved a fair bit of success in your career, you could be just starting out or you might be qualified, yet a housewife by choice.


We are a part of times which are changing rapidly, driven by technology, life-styles and generational leaps. While you could be secure currently, given this pace of change enveloping us, it is important to stop every once in a while, to gauge how you measure up to the changed circumstances.


While some of what I say is gender-agnostic, it is particularly pertinent to women, whose work-lives are characterized by self or externally imposed breaks, societal pressures and who don’t necessarily play as significant a role in family financial decisions, thereby being more “not-in-control” and vulnerable to these forces of change.

Our latest article (link given below), published in Moneycontrol, highlights the risks that women run by not upgrading their skillsets periodically, thereby not being adequately prepared to face life’s challenges.



Image credit: Moneycontrol


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