Why portfolio risk and asset allocation matter more than investment returns

A friend was talking to me recently about an interaction he was having with some others, where there was a furious debate on about where to invest, as well as which asset classes including geographies would deliver better returns going forward. As you would agree, this particular topic of debate is not uncommon at all and today’s information-empowered world has led to both more aware investors as well as more confused investors.


Investors usually seem overtly focused on “returns” and are always keen to know where to put their money next. This is especially so during a bull market, and when the recent past has given very good returns. But, excessive focus on returns is usually a function of “not enough focus” on a few other important yet ignored aspects. Focusing adequately on these other aspects leads to enough and more clarity on which asset class an investor should choose and what “returns” the investor should expect going forward.


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