The Finwise Woman series – In celebration of International Women’s Day – 8

Our final Finwise Woman is Mrunali Majmudar Sathe, a successful corporate executive, someone who has worked at senior levels in the corporate world as well as has successfully run her own company. For her, money has always been a means to an end, towards achieving her ambitions and desires for her and her family.

Mrunali says,

“As a working woman I have always been financially independent, driving many of our financial decisions of key investments like house and big expenses as well. But as the kids grew up and I took a year off on sabbatical, it struck me that one day I may not be able to earn and the burden will fall on my husband alone or on our meagre savings.

Thats when I realised I needed a personal financial advisor. Enter, Prathiba. I have ever been so grateful that she came into my life. I can say that today my financial future is absolutely secure thanks to her meticulous planning and coaching. All I do is follow her. I can now even think of expensive college education for my kids which I had all but given up on.

In a city like Mumbai if both partners don’t think and act alike to influence their financial status, it is difficult to thrive. Thanks to Finwise, I am wiser and in charge of my and my family’s financial future.”

We hope you enjoyed reading the stories of how these women took charge of their financial lives and went about building financial security and independence as a bulwark for their futures. It is never too late to begin and we urge all women to begin their journey towards becoming “finwise” today!

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Finwise is a personal finance solutions firm that helps successful women gain financial and emotional security by helping them plan for their financial goals and achieve financial independence. For consultations, please reach me at or +91 9870702277.

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