The Finwise Couple series – In celebration of International Women’s Day – 4

For our next couple, equality doesn’t come with having to contribute to the monthly budget. They know one another since being college-mates and after nearly 2 decades of being married, can both complete each other’s sentences as well as together enjoy the silences in between.


Rajesh Kodoth is Regional Business Head at Ola Cabs and Swetha Rajesh, manages their wonderful home, having decided to leave her career early to devote her time to family. Over the last few years, they had built an assorted but real estate heavy portfolio and decided that it was time to seek professional help to future-proof their investments.


On the trigger to seek professional advice, Rajesh says “While we have been investing it wasn’t necessarily based on what was required to cover long-term financial needs. Also, our asset allocation was not balanced. Finwise helped me create investment plans to maximise returns on the current investments and plan the future.


On being asked about Swetha’s involvement in their financial well-being journey, he had this to say “Swetha is an integral part of our expense planning and in the journey to financial well-being. Her involvement helps make right decisions, gives an alternate perspective and overall comfort of a partnership.”


Being involved in a financial well-being journey together does not necessarily require both the spouses to be equal contributors financially. What it does require is the mindset that the other person can bring something to the table, and from our experiences, we can surely tell you that in such cases, one plus one turns out to equal much more than two!


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