Managing Investments: Prune the weeds and nurture the roses

Building a good diversified portfolio is a journey, not a one-time action. It is not a straight-line process either, and many a times, involves taking a step or two back as well, while the overall direction is forward.


As planners, this is something we do periodically, in order to exit assets, which we feel are not well-poised for the future and move to investments which are more aligned towards the goals and expectations. While one would think that conversations for making such changes in portfolios would be easy, many a times, they are not.


Here are a few pointers for you to ponder on, so that your portfolio review exercise ends up cutting your weeds and nurturing your flowers.


Read our latest article, published on Moneycontrol, to help you build a portfolio that resembles a bunch of roses and not a bush of thorns.


Image credit: Moneycontrol


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