Dear woman: Take these 4 small steps to be on top of your money life from 2020

It is again that time of the year to work on New Year resolutions. The word has become a joke and it is now accepted that resolutions never work. We all know that a turning of the calendar is not going to weave its magic and get you started in the right direction.


What I have noticed is when we endeavour to make small changes rather than daunting makeovers which require a whole lot of change, we tend to stick to our resolutions. The same applies on the personal finance front – both whether to increase your financial awareness and to improve your financial situation.


As a woman if you wish to make your financial life better than what it has been thus far let us without much effort, here are four simple things you can do.


Read more about this in our latest article below, published on Moneycontrol.



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