Buying a home too early in your career is a financial mistake that you will repent later

In the last few years, there is an increasing focus on financial independence as a personal financial topic of interest. Financial Independence (or Financial Freedom) is the financial state where one has acquired enough passive income (through investments), thereby not requiring one to have to work to earn one’s living for the remaining lifetime.


World-wide, the concept of FIRE (Financially Independent, Retire Early) has gained a lot of traction, but Financial Independence is a relatively new and less understood concept in India.

The things to do to become financially independent are fairly simple and not rocket science. But many a times, not doing the wrong things is more important, rather than just doing the right things. What I want to share today below are three mistakes that can have serious consequences on one’s quest to achieve financial independence. While they may be repairable, the damage caused to the journey can be severe. Our latest article published on Moneycontrol.



Image credit: Moneycontrol

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