Play poker? Your investment style might look like the player in you

<strong>Play poker? Your investment style might look like the player in you</strong>

This Diwali, we were back to the “Old Normal”. But this article is not about this Diwali or how it was, but more about a fascinating aside that unfolds every Diwali – the late night card parties. A popular (and simpler) Indian version of Poker is played in these parties, called Flush or Flash in English but ubiquitously known as “Teen Patti” among most Indians.


A ring-side view of a Teen Patti game in progress provides fascinating insights on human behavior under risky conditions. While there are many nuances to the game, at a simplified level, most Teen Patti players that you will come across can be categorized into broadly three types. Interestingly, these types are also found in investors in the market.


Read about these types and how you can identify what type you are, in our latest article, published on Moneycontrol.



Image credit: Moneycontrol; Aiden Howe, Unsplash


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