Empower the women who are also key contributors in your success through these 5 steps!

Empower the women who are also key contributors in your success through these 5 steps!

When Chuck Noll said “Every job is important, but no one is indispensable”, he certainly hadn’t kept the Indian working woman in mind! For us working women, one person who is indispensable and brings an immediate sigh of relief and a genuine smile to the face when she arrives, is the house-help. Our lives get complicated when she is on a long leave and turmoil in her life cascades to chaos in our planned hi-speed schedules, to overcome which needs a lot of “jugaad”.  Retaining her and ensuring that things are smooth-sailing is non-negotiable for us. Whatever the reason to do so, our latest article published in Moneycontrol.com (link shared below) gives you five simple ways to add a lot of value to the financial condition of these indispensable women, at literally no cost.



More details on their eligible government schemes are easily available online and are also on our website www.finwise.in. Apart from government schemes they could also invest in Mutual funds which are available to everyone. However, given their tendencies to trust people unconditionally, it is important that they have access to advice which is genuine and do not take undue risks with their money. You could approach your financial planner to help with these. A word of caution though, when you recommend someone, the trust they have with you gets automatically transferred to the person you refer them to, hence be sure you send them to someone who will give appropriate and genuine advice. They would otherwise be better off with government schemes that have guarantees.


From our point of view, life might seem unimaginably difficult for this segment of people, making us wonder how they would be able to save, when making ends meet itself is a problem.  But believe me, they are resilient and are able to manage temporarily even when they suddenly lose one of their many jobs. Taking some of the above actions will help your own “CAT (Cook/Ayah/Top-help) Commandos” secure their financial futures, while they help you effortlessly manage your present.


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