The Finwise Couple series – In celebration of International Women’s Day – 2

While in many households, it is common to see that the responsibility of managing investments falls upon one, having a spouse who is also interested in the nuances of money need not be threatening at all to the person managing it. If anything, it helps by having a bouncing board, and allows you to get another perspective. A person who knows you and is equally responsible in the money management process helps ensure that individual biases if any get identified, since the risk-tolerances of both is not likely to be the same.


The couple we talk about today is one such. They are Pramod Marar & Suvena Bansal, both of whom work in the banking & financial services sector. Pramod is COO – Commercial Banking at HSBC India and Suvena is Head – Risk Policy at Aditya Birla Finance Limited.


Both Pramod & Suvena have been judicious about the need to put money away, and have been active savers and investors right from the beginning. So how did Pramod & Suvena decide that they needed help in reviewing their finances? In their words, “We felt the need to consult with professionals, when we reshuffled our real estate portfolio and realized we needed a better asset mix for our mid-term goals. Time was running out, there wasn’t enough time to plan, research and execute. We also needed someone whom we could trust and yet they weren’t too close, as financial matters can strain relationships.


On both being involved in the decision making on their family’s finances, they say, “Both of us from the beginning have had a say in all the investment decisions we have made. It has been a together thing always, we just don’t know to do it any other way.”


Their comfort with managing money together has helped Pramod & Suvena over the years jointly formulate a plan that will help them meet their financial goals for their family and achieve financial security. And being financially secure, is helping them focus more on the other things in life. In their words “Parents are getting older so we like to spend as much time as we can with them. Kids are in the teenage phase and require a new orientation, something we are working on. Work as new responsibilities so overall, a plate that is overflowing full.”


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