The Finwise Couple series – In celebration of International Women’s Day – 1

Last year, for International Women’s Day, we shared stories of some successful women, who over the last few years, started their journey with Finwise and took charge of their financial lives to make it more secure for themselves and their families.


This year, we share journeys of some such couples over the next few days, and hope they inspire you to take similar actions to free your and families’ financial futures.


Our first couple is Dr. Ashok Dabir & Dr. Neela Dabir. Ashok is a successful and leading oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Mumbai, and Neela is professor at TISS, and Dean of their Institute of Vocational Education.


On the role of Neela in the family’s financial journey, Ashok says, “We have always had a relationship of equals. I was one of the earliest people to recognise that I had married someone who was meticulous in her work and could envisage and implement things effortlessly. I am not very involved with the finances as I can see Neela has the passion and an eye for numbers, she enjoys doing a deep dive to understand the nuances of the products. That has been a huge blessing since it gives each of us the space to pursue what we enjoy, while having the peace of mind that the better half is doing a great job with things, we don’t particularly like doing.”


About getting on the path of financial well-being, he surmises, “We had been investing over the years. But it was with various people who were selling products to us. None of them tried to look at us holistically. While each of them was able to enumerate the benefits individually, we were looking for somebody to bring it all together and give us an unbiased view as our representative and not trying to sell us a product. Our association with Finwise started way back in 2015 in a small way, it has grown to encompass all our investments and we have a sounding board for our ideas as well as someone to disagree with us when it is called for.”


Their children are now grown up and building their own lives, and in this phase, always being financially prudent has helped Ashok & Neela fulfil their passions – they travel the world together regularly, visiting new places, every few months.


Finwise is a personal finance solutions firm that helps both NRI and resident individuals and families plan for their financial goals, follow their passions and achieve financial independence.

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