10 money steps to help you stay prepared in case of a job loss

10 money steps to help you stay prepared in case of a job loss

As the impact of the COVID-19 crisis takes a further hold on the economy, its impact is beginning to be felt on its foot soldiers as well. Over the last few weeks, more and more news about planned salary cuts have been percolating, and over the last few days, the dam seems to have broken, with large job cuts also being announced.

This is likely to be wide-spread, and in the last few days, we ourselves have seen cases of 25% salary cuts, work without pay for the next 6 months, and finally, job-losses.

How to handle such a crisis is something someone impacted would be struggling to grapple with. And in case you are not hit by it as yet, count yourself as lucky and prepare for an eventuality like this. The below 10 steps should hopefully help you plan for it and address much of the impact.

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