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Aug 19

Why you need to look beyond Form 16 when filing returns (Mint)

For most salaried individuals, filing tax returns every year meant usually waking up anywhere from, depending on our lassitude, a few days to just a few hours before the deadline to find the previous year’s Form 16 buried in our mailboxes, and forwarding the same to the CA to file returns. If you fall in the above category, did you know that this may not be enough and you may not be fulfilling your annual tax-filing duties adequately and completely? From what we have seen, this is mostly an awareness issue among the salaried class. Read this featured news article from Mint to find out more.
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May 19

How close are you to FIRE?

The term FIRE has gained popularity in recent times. For those of you who haven’t heard it before, it stands for – Financially Independent, Retire Early.... .... The starting point to becoming FIRE is to actually know what one wants to do and where one wants to be financially to achieve that purpose. Everyone’s needs and wants are different and everyone therefore needs a different amount of money to reach FIRE status. One only needs to remember that the purpose at the core should be something that gives you immense happiness, and beyond a point, “there are many things in life that money still can’t buy”....
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Apr 19

Have you planned for this – Why everyone around you seems to be getting Cancer

In this weeks Livwise feature, we talk about something different, our health, and some surprising facts about how we may need to plan for it in the future. While health care advances are helping us live longer, it might surprise you to know that it is increasing the incidence of “internally born” diseases like cancer. Hence planning for retirement needs to take this into account as well. Also linked is a brilliant article by Sri Krishna in The Wire who tells us why this is so.
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Apr 19

How secure is your job? Decisions by top few can change fates of many

When one heard recently about the shut-down of Jet Airways, the immediate feeling was one of sadness. When one thinks deeper, the question that comes to mind is – how many of these employees ever thought that something like this could happen to them? Even if a few of them imagined it, did they plan for the consequences? Read on...
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Nov 18

7 Questions you must ask your financial planner

It is important that you entrust your money, your life savings, in the right hands. Here are some questions you...
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Mar 17

Long term Investors

Click here to understand why long term investments do not require you to be a math genius
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