Explained: Five money mantras to become financially free

At its simplest, Financial Independence means “having enough money so as to never work again for the rest of your life”. But as you would agree, neither is life simple, nor is it as predictable and straight-forward as one would like it to be. This effectively means that as you go along your life journey, your definition of what Independence means keeps changing as your goal posts keep shifting.

That said, it is not rocket science, and it is something that everyone should aspire towards, not just for the financial security, but for the mental doors that it opens for you when you discover that you are no longer working for the money.

Based on our journey, I share with you below a few simple principles that you can follow to get onto, and stay on this path. But beware, what is simple to understand is rarely easy to do, and requires discipline, patience and the ability to say no to your ego.




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