Disclaimer & Indemnity

  1. The Services rendered by Finwise Personal Finance Solutions are on a best effort basis. Finwise Personal Finance Solutions does not assure or guarantee the Client any minimum or fixed returns
  2. Please do not treat our recommendations as a legal or accounting advice. You should discuss these recommendations with your Lawyer and Chartered Accountant
  3. The Services are designed and provided based on the personal information, financial objectives, risk profile and documents furnished to Finwise Personal Finance Solutions by the Client. The estimates shown in the recommendations report provided to the Client are based on assumptions that may or may not occur. Both principal value and investment returns may fluctuate over time.
  4. We provide investment recommendations based on the information that you provide us and goals that you set for yourself. The results will depend on execution of our recommendations and the accuracy of the underlying assumptions
  5. If the information you have provided is incorrect, the recommendations’ outcomes will reflect that. Please carefully review that the information you have provided to us is good
  6. Tax assumptions currently made may undergo a substantial change based on regulatory policies in force from time to time
  7. Assumptions made by us in good faith may impact in a negative or a positive way. Please review all assumptions at your end
  8. Past performance does not guarantee about future outcome
  9. The numbers in the recommendations are ball park estimates. The actual situation may not be same, depending on the various factors from time to time. There is no warranty on accuracy & we do not accept any liability for any error, omission or any loss in this regard
  10. Errors & Omissions expected (E&OE). We constantly review our processes and have checks and balances in place to avoid such errors
  11. Verbal discussions are not to be considered as recommendations. Clients are required to make a written request asking for recommendations. We are responsible to respond to you in writing
  12. When an action is required from the client’s side, we will make reasonable efforts of follow up and then apply 3 Strike rule. This means that after sending you 3 written reminders, our responsibility ends in relation to the outstanding action, input, review confirmation etc. pending at client’s end
  13. Recommendations should be reviewed regularly, at least once in a year, and updated with the progress, current status and changes in future requirements
  14. Our recommendations are not insured in any manner
  15. We reserve the right to amend the offerings, terms & conditions and other details without prior intimation
  16. The recommendations made by Finwise Personal Finance Solutions are subject to several risks & other external factors not in the control of Finwise Personal Finance Solutions such as financial markets, macro and micro economic factors, and other factors that can cause an adjustment in the Client’s own financial situation and the progress of the Client’s recommendations. Finwise Personal Finance Solutions has no control over these externalities and hence can only provide the Client with recommendations that are in the Client’s best interests, based on the current environment and the information provided by the Client
  17. Though Finwise Personal Finance Solutions shall provide service on best effort basis, Finwise Personal Finance Solutions shall not be responsible for any loss or liability incurred by the Client as a consequence of the Client taking any investment decisions based on the Services provided by Finwise Personal Finance Solutions
  1. We are not Registered Investment Advisors.
  2. We use a standard methodology to build your recommendations. This generally comprises of using forecasting methods like Present Value, Future Value, Net Present Value, Constant and Increasing Annuity calculations. For life insurance Planning, we base our workings on “Needs based” approach. On client specific situation, we may have to use a different approach
  3. Our Mutual Funds recommendations are based on various parameters like their long term performance, risk and return trade off, reputation of the AMC, fund management philosophy and process, etc
  4. If you buy any financial product (e.g. Mutual Fund, Online Term Plan, Estate Planning) we may earn additional fee or commission
  5. For life insurance online term plans, commissions range from 10% to 35% of the premium. This is normally given only for the 1st year. For health insurance, commission is 15% of the premium, every year. In case of Mutual Funds, distributor’s commission can range from 0.05% to around 1% p.a. of the market value.
  6. Your feedback on our services may be used for our marketing & promotional purposes at places like our Website, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, flyers, brochures, presentations, conferences & seminars and prospect meetings etc
  7. We do not commit any Service Level Assurance (SLA) for any of our services
  8. We use a proprietary model for preparing recommendations. We do not share soft copy of these workings with clients. We however, ensure that any technical doubt you may have on our workings is resolved to your satisfaction
  9. We may have personally invested in stocks in banks, financial services and insurance segment
  10. We do not claim to have expertise in every financial product available in the country

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