Celebrating the Men too, this International Women’s Day!

Its International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2020, and we can think of no better time during the year to reach out to you, to share a few inspiring success stories of people who are on the path to financial independence and well-being.



Last year, we shared stories of some successful women, who over the last few years, started their journey with Finwise and took charge of their financial lives to make it more secure for themselves and their families.



Conventionally, one would argue as to why we need a specific day in the year to celebrate Women? We should be doing that through the year, and we agree fully with the sentiment. Our monthly columns (published on Moneycontrol.com) on women and how they can handle money problems and achieve financial independence, is testimony to that fact.



We would instead like to respectfully submit that International Women’s Day need not only be about women individually. Women today are equal partners in life, whether at work or at home, and while they have fought to achieve this status, they have also been supported by a growing tribe of the opposite sex, who have actually lent credence to the theory that the “better half” is actually as good, if not better at managing money.



Over the last few years, we have come across many such success stories. While one kind is where both spouses are actively involved in planning and securing their financial future together (with, in some cases, the woman actually taking the lead), we also have the other, where the man, despite possibly being the sole or dominant earning member, consciously and actively involves his spouse in the financial decisions of the house, thereby, both literally and figuratively, “putting money where the mouth is”.



In our experience, it is this “absence of bias” in the relationship between spouses and respect for each other as equal partners, that is one of the true building blocks of well-planned and long-lasting financial and general well-being for the family.



This year, for International Women’s Day, we share journeys of some such couples over the next few days, and hope they inspire you to take similar actions to free your and families’ financial futures. Look out for the first journey tomorrow.



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