Comprehensive Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now” – Alan Lakein

Financial planning is a process of fulfilling your dreams and meeting your goals through proper management of your finances. Through financial planning decisions regarding finances are taken as a part of the whole vision of where you want to be, as against adhoc and independent financial decisions we resort to most of the time.

We help you align your personal finances to your goals. We stream line your investments and analyze if they are earing optimum returns and are in line with your risk appetite and time horizon.

What we do?

We have well a defined process which we follow. We will understand the current state of your personal finances and chalk out a plan which is unique to you and covers all important aspects of personal finance

  • Understand : In this stage we will engage with you to garner information pertaining to your current income, expenses, investments & insurance. We spend time understanding your goals, aspirations and limitations.
  • Analyze : We will analyze the information given by you to look for best fit products and solutions.
  • Strategize : We make a draft of your financial plan, with options, to achieve your goal
  • Consult : Post drafting the initial plan, we interact with you and jointly freeze on the plan
  • Implement : Once the final plan is done, we help you implement it in a structured, time bound manner.
  • Review : Most importantly we review your plan every 4 months to ensure we are on track towards the necessary outcomes.

What is included?

  • Risk Profiling, through an internationally recognized tool
  • Ascertaining contingency fund requirements
  • Life and General insurance recommendations, restructuring your existing insurance portfolio
  • Review and restructuring of your existing liabilities – home/ vehicle/ personal loans and any other commitments
  • Planning for your financial goals, through the right investment vehicles
  • Review of your existing investments
  • Future cash flow analysis
  • Net worth statement
  • Optimized tax outflows
  • Asset allocation, taking into account your risk profile, appetite as well as your goals
  • Recommendation of products, mapped goal wise
  • Assistance in implementation. While it is not necessary to implement through us but should you want to implement through us, we will help you.

What’s more?

The above is just the beginning of a relationship and we will handhold you through the entire process and review the execution and changes in circumstances three times a year to ensure we stay focused on achieving the goals set out.