And you thought women can’t handle finances?

Looking out at the azure sky with your morning cup of coffee, watering the ferns, listening to the wind chimes softly sing their song and smiling to yourself.


This is the dream my retired life is made of. A white picket fence is welcome too.


When you about to think how clichéd that sounds, let me tell you it is possible.  The prime factors for the  said situation being good health  –  physical, emotional and financial.

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How did I come up with this, you may ask. Meet Mrs. M, in her 80s, who I would like to call a Finwise Woman. I had the opportunity to meet with her some months back and interview her for this piece.  As I walked into her spacious and well decorated apartment, I couldn’t help wondering if I had entered the wrong house.  A confident mother, who brought up her kids all alone, who worked hard through her prime years, who is today proud that her children are well settled, who has excellent knowledge in the finance and investments world, who is seasoned in the trading market, Mrs. M is an inspiration to every one of us.


When life upset her with the sudden demise of her husband in her late 40’s, she picked up the pieces and decided to stare right back at the challenges ahead. She started out as a financial advisor for mutual funds, insurance, ULIP etc. as taking up a full-time job meant she would be away from her young kids, moved to be near her family and started re-building her life. From ground zero.


Often having heard and observed her family members who were stock market savvy, she began to invest small amounts in stocks. She managed her finances well and gave the best possible education to her children, and saved wisely.


Today she is financially independent, manages her home and investment portfolio, which is so good it can give any financial planner a run for their money! As I chatted with her over tea, I realised it was not just her courage that stood by her all through, it was also her willingness to learn under any circumstance , the confidence to rise above the challenges and her wisdom and forethought in planning.


This interview was so much better than any other luncheon meetings I have been to. I returned home with a head full of inspiration, a heart full of admiration and a story to write about.


Here’s to the Finwise woman in her. And in you.


This article is written by Brindha Rao, our guest writer. I would also like to thank an unnamed family friend, whose image has been used, with permission. She is an equally good candidate for being a Finwise Woman, being a savvy and financially independent woman in her own right.


Finwise is a personal finance solutions firm that helps people plan for their financial goals, follow their passions and achieve financial independence. If you wish to consult us, please reach me at or 9870702277.

2 thoughts on “And you thought women can’t handle finances?

  • October 19, 2018 at 7:57 pm

    Commendable. This proves that you can start fresh in life once you make up your mind

  • October 24, 2018 at 3:24 pm

    Very inspirational Prathiba.. Agree that irrespective of the situation if one starts with a disciplined approach life can get sorted. Well written too. The first 3 lines of the article is somewhat similar to what I imagine


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